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LIUZHOU, CHINA — The world’s first forest city, designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri, is currently under construction in southern China. It is expected to be completed by 2020.

The Forest City is located in the mountainous region north of city of Liuzhou. It will host 30,000 people and it has everything that a typical city provides, such as offices, houses, hotels, hospitals and schools.

A total of 40,000 trees and almost one million plants from more than 100 species will be planted in building facades, parks and city streets. The trees and plants will absorb an estimated 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide and 57 tons of pollutants each year and produce 900 tons of oxygen in exchange.

The buildings will draw on geothermal energy to provide cooling and heating for interior air-conditioning. Solar panels will be installed over the roofs for harvesting solar energy.

A fast rail line will be connecting the Forest City to the existing city of Liuzhou, a metropolis with a population of more than 3.7 million.

Vertical forest is a popular concept in architecture nowadays. Nanjing, a city in eastern China, is currently building two green towers which can absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide. Taipei is also building its carbon-eating Tao Zhu Yin Yuan tower, which is said to be able to absorb 130 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

China has been fighting severe air pollution over the past few years. Dozens of Chinese cities would be covered by thick and toxic smog for days in almost every month. Despite the country’s efforts in tackling the pollution, such as restrictions on driving and investments in renewable energy projects, the effect of such measures remain minimal.


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