Wind turbines catching fire. Looped animation. Free stock footage

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Our footage is free to use only on YOUTUBE and FOR AUTHORIZED USERS. PLEASE READ FURTHER. Request authorization:


———-What you CAN DO:

You can use our footage for free on your own NON-COMMERCIAL Youtube videos, as part of your own creation. Examples of allowed usage:

If you have a Vlog and want to include one or more of our video clips.

If you run a free to watch Tutorial channel and want to use our clips for demonstration purposes.

If you want to use our clips for your short film.

If you want to include our clips for your Music Video, must not be subject to any Content ID service (video).

Always provide credits to our channel and if in doubt, always ASK before using our footage and we will help you.

———- What you CANNOT DO:

RE-UPLOADS. Some examples:

Upload any of our video clips “as is” to Youtube or any other website.

Upload any of our video clips out of context of your own creation.

Use the footage for COMMERCIAL purposes is NOT for FREE. That includes:

Anything supporting advertising, promotion or endorsement of any service, product, company or organization.

If you or anyone else is making money of the final product (video) containing our footage. That includes creating videos for your clients using our footage; paid editing service for your clients using our footage.

RESALE. Some examples:

Sell it as “stock footage”.

You cannot use it to create “gigs” on FIVERR.COM, using our footage partially or entirely, to promote and/or sell your services to buyers. NOTE: We do monitor such activities and we do contact all buyers. Same applies to any other website with similar services.

MUSIC VIDEOS subject to publisher distribution, promotion services or “Content ID protection”, such as Vydia, ADRev and others.

Most of our videos feature performing actors with respective “Actor’s release” issued to us. Using any of the videos with our actors without prior permission from us is not allowed. In case of any doubt, please contact us.


Svetlana and Carlos


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