wind power generator for home DC with practical load tests with multimeter

wind power generator DC at home , 0~36V Freely rotatable (complete 360 degrees) Horizontal wind turbine.Smooth & Soundless operation.


1)Charging batteries.

2)Running DC loads directly.

3)Easy and simple set-up maximum wind power utilization.

4)School & College projects.

5)Home off-grid energy systems.

6)Lesser electricity bills.

7)Last but ain’t the least 🙂 = “Go Green”

*Note: Please note that the generator is made and tested in Lucknow which is a low windy area.Southern areas of India have wind speed 2 to 3 times higher than my area.Therefore the actual power can be generated & Tested there 🙂 (here the wind speed was ~2m/s which was much more than usual).

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