Wind Energy – Sandy Butterfield on its Evolution & Future

Wind technology has evolved to be cheap, reliable, predictable, and grid-friendly. By 2015 the industry has grown into a $330 billion dollar industry worldwide and rising, employing 88,000 in the US alone.

Sandy Butterfield, President of Boulder Wind Consulting, shares an overview of the wind industry, its technological evolution and where he sees the industry going in the future.

Butterfield has been an innovator and leader in the field of wind energy his entire career. Prior to founding Boulder Wind Consulting, Sandy co-founded Boulder Wind Power, a venture funded startup focused on developing an innovative megawatt scale direct drive generator. Prior to that, he spent over 24 years at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), most recently as Chief Engineer at NREL’s National Wind Test Center and leader of the Gearbox Reliability Collaborative.

Recorded on Nov. 15, 2016 for the Boulder County Chapter of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, BCRES. Info at

Filmed and edited by Martin Voelker, JCRES.

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