The best portable Solar Panel in 2017?

Is this 100W portable solar panel from Lensun the biggest ever? I’ve previously shown you small 10W or 20W USB solar panels but this thing takes it to a new level!

Panel Only:

Panel + Controller:

This 12V portable solar panel is ideal for camper vans, RVS, motor homes, caravans, boats and yachts. Due to the portability, you can easily move it around depending on your location.

Unlike traditional panels which might be permanently mounted to your vehicle, you can fold these up and place it safely inside at night. You can also adjust the angle to get the most power from the sun, instead of having them mounted flat to the roof of your vehicle.

Coming from the Monocrystalline solar cells is a negative and positive cable which are terminated in traditional solar MC4 connectors. Simply connect them to your charge controller and start adding juice to your exist deep cycle batteries in your recreational vehicle.

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