New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has revealed a plan to develop $6 billion of offshore wind projects off the southern coast of Long Island by 2028. The plan if recognized, could power up to 1.2 million homes by 2030 and bring in over 5,000 jobs. Taking a shot at Donald Trump, Cuomo said in a statement, “While the federal government continues to turn its back on protecting natural resources and plots to open up our coastline to drilling, New York is doubling down on our commitment to renewable energy and the industries of tomorrow.” Home This video was [More]
In the quest to go green, Scotland is way ahead of the rest of the UK, with nearly all electricity produced by wind power. In October, 98% of Scotland’s electricity was produced by wind turbines, with the devolved government on track to produce all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. But what is it about Scotland that makes it so much more successful at being green than the rest of the UK? Read more: • Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: • Get breaking news and more stories at Follow ITV News on Facebook: [More]
After my look at Surviving Mars lots of people called out the game for using wind turbines for energy generation on the surface of Mars. A planet which has an atmospheric pressure of less than 1% of Earth’s, which would surely render such air driven devices as useless. However, it turns out that wind power is viable on Mars, even if solar remains as the best option during daylight hours. Thanks to Tyler Driscoll for making a much better video thumbnail.
Check out the wind turbines in community and see why wind power is so COOL!
The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump is considering changes to a California desert plan, that set aside areas for renewable energy development. It claimed the move would promote more wind and solar projects on federal lands. The news drew praise from the wind and solar industries, but criticism from California officials and environmental groups. The California Wind Energy Association said it was “ironic” that the Trump administration moved to expand areas for renewable energy, while the Obama administration closed them off. Home This video was produced by YT Wochit Vote It using
Just like this 😉 Charging Renault Twizy electric mini car.
The bloke solar and wind live view of my wind power meter and wind turbines. Currently Running Gigu 900 watt & Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom wind turbine going to the watt meter. Left turbine on left meter right turbine on right meter. I Don’t mean to spam people’s sub feed with this Just every time the internet drop’s and reconnect’s it repost the live feed. Instead of watching when there is no wind go here and see my local wind speed’s. Thanks to all that have viewed the cam and giving it a thumbs up. This will be [More]
This video gives a brief overview of how a wind turbine works. If you want more information, check out the advanced video. The video includes a look at all the main parts, these include: Rotor Rotor Hub Blades Nacelle Tower Brake Generator Main Bearing Gearbox Electrical Transformer Open Air Switchyard National Grid – Represented by Pylons- The model uses a gearbox although strictly speaking you do not always need a gearbox, the turbine can be direct driven. The video is basic and does not talk about Betz’s law, airfoils or angle of attack etc. Switchgear is not included in the [More] was created by Mike Conley and Timothy Maloney in response to mistakes they’ve found in Mark Z. Jacobson’s 100% Renewables proposal. This presentation ( and ) also incorporate errors uncovered by 21 leading experts in energy research, as they reviewed Jacobson’s plan. The conceptual framework offered by Mike Conley and Timothy Maloney regarding Mark Z. Jacobson’s proposal include the following: – Renewables are INTER-dependent. Nuclear power is IN-dependent. – Fuel is storage, yet “100% Renewables” is a fuel-free system. – We must transition to carbon-free fuels, not a fuel-free paradigm. Footage captured for use in project “Thorium [More]