This Hindi video explains what happens to the solar radiation (the process of scattering, absorption, reflection and earth albedo) and how solar energy reaches us. It elaborates the global warming that is the reason of global warming.
Weather and Energy have a long history together. What does the future of that relationship look like? Smooth sailing or rocky roller coaster? We explore both the past and the future of this fundamental relationship in the this episode. Some useful links: Renewables and the future of energy meteorology In The Elements
—Solar panels are often thought of having the biggest impact during warm months, but turns out they work just as well in the winter. Check out this video to see just how well snow and solar go together. Subscribe so you don’t miss a video Check out our cool pics on More to Learn on Keep up with the Tweets at Listen to our top rated Podcast
These days, giant wind turbines are supplying more and more of our clean energy. And when they break down, they need to be fixed fast. It’s a job only a few people are equipped to handle. Those who are afraid of heights need not apply. Rock climber Jessica Kilroy, for one, loves the challenge of blade repair. And though she makes dangling at dizzying heights look easy, her path to becoming a wind turbine technician has been anything but that. SUBSCRIBE: This story is a part of our Planet Earth series. From mammals to insects and birds to reptiles, [More]
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