Trumps cuts to renewable energy put us on the ropes in the f.ight against climate change. News that the Trump administration is poised to ask Congress for deep budget cuts to the Energy Department’s renewable energy and energy efficiency programs has thus far generated less outrage than the White House’s abandonment of the Paris Climate Treaty, yet has the potential to be far more damaging to efforts to respond to climate change. According to documents obtained by the Washington Post, the White House is seeking to slash the budgets by 72% in fiscal year 2019, which would cut research in fuel efficient vehicles [More]
Tesla Has been changing the World, but Solar Energy has not been as big as the electric cars or space exploration companies Elon Musk has made. Teska Energy is going to improve solar energy and make solar cool, with new solar roofing technology that will even be incorporated into the new model 3 Check Out My New Vlogging Channel! Sources Solar roof Clear solar panels Drinking Water Solar Cars Space Solar What is a Dyson sphere? Solar System Solar Cars All images not attributed contain CC0 license Images and videos [More]