Tesla, Australia To Provide Free Solar Panels And Batteries To 50,000 Homes,Elon Musk’s Tesla, in partnership with South Australian government officials, announced their free provisions of solar panels and batteries to at least 50,000 homes in South Australia on Sunday. They are turning the solar-enabled homes into the “world’s biggest virtual power plant” that could lower energy bills by 30 percent. In 2017, Elon Musk built the world’s most extensive Li-ion battery and has now been operating and providing energy to more than 30,000 houses in South Australia. This project aims to resolve the power outages in the state. South [More]
Tesla is about to start selling solar panels at Home Depot. With all the focus on the Model 3 and Tesla’s new Semi truck, it’s easy to forget that Tesla Motors has an entire division dedicated to revolutionizing home energy. PowerWall, its home energy storage system, is increasing in popularity, while its solar panel division works on roofing tiles that can collect solar energy. In a sign that Tesla increasingly views solar as a core component of its business and not just a distraction, Bloomberg reports that the company has inked a deal with Home Depot to bring Tesla-branded selling spaces to [More]
Comment below your opinion and subscribe to the channel. Vertical wind turbines are used to transform the kinetic energy, produced by the wind which enters the front bay of the car through the grille vents and revolves the turbines, in mechanical energy that is transferred to an electrical generator. There it is transformed in electrical energy which will be stored in the battery and will source the power to the electrical vehicle. This a project management coursework and is educational intended. All copyrights will be treated according to the law. All rights reserved by Plan B Technology and Coventry University [More]
“Is the new Tesla mega-battery for South Australia the game changer it’s made out to be? Tim Hollo, Executive Directer of The Green Institute, joins us from Visit http://therealnews.com for more stories and help support our work by donating at http://therealnews.com/donate.
Africa’s population explosion presents humanity us with a once-in-our-species chance to make our fastest growing area leapfrog the dirty fuels of the past to instead embrace the renewable energy of the future. Subscribe to TDC: https://www.youtube.com/TheDailyConversation/ Video based on this article in Nature: http://www.nature.com/news/can-wind-and-solar-fuel-africa-s-future-1.20907 Video by Bryce Plank and Robin West Music: “Disturbances” by Matt Stewart-Evans: https://www.facebook.com/Matthew.Stewart.Evans “Ambitions” by Glimpse: Script: The total population of Africa is projected to roughly quadruple to about four billion by 2100, driving the total global population past 11 billion. Producing all the energy that all these people will use could obliterate any efforts we’re [More]
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Thermodyne Ultra Core has been rocking all day for the last two days loving the added power after dark In this Video I will show you what I am doing and it is meant for me only, do so at your own risk or reward enjoy. © 2017 by OTE old time engineer. All rights reserved. Do not use any part of this video without my written permission. If you love America the flag and family If you love your country other then USA You may want to watch the following two videos search for these two videos on youtube [More]
With fossil fuels polluting the earth’s atmosphere and being in finite supply, technological advances in renewable energy such as solar, hydropower and wind are becoming more essential for our future. Batteries are at the core of making renewables power possible. Our guest today is Duwayno Robertson. He’s an expert on batteries for future-forward automobiles and renewable energy systems. Duwayno was a Fisker Automotive lead engineer overseeing everything that interacted with the battery, helping to create the ahead-of-it’s-time Fisker Karma eco-luxury automobile with its solar paneled roof and groundbreaking hybrid engine. Since then he’s worked at two leading renewable-energy companies: Aquion [More]
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