In this 2 part video is a tour of 6.3 KW solar and wind back up power system we did for a customer to run their entire home off grid now and in case of emergency. If you would like to go off grid contact us at Links to products used in install Turbine link: Roof mount link: Note: For roof mount to attach to Hurricane turbine you will need a threaded 2 inch electrical pipe available at your local lowes home improvement store and cut it to 40″ length and drill out two holes to match pipe that [More]
A month or two ago (time eludes me) I shared with you a sweet plug and play solar setup that makes going off grid pretty darn easy, especially if your energy needs are relatively low. The solution is called The Kodiak and is made by Inergy. The elevator pitch is that you can tack on as many batteries are you like to the setup with a maximum of 600 watts input at any given time. A setup like this is great for a tiny house with low or relatively low energy needs. More info here: Free shipping and 10% [More]