Africa’s population explosion presents humanity us with a once-in-our-species chance to make our fastest growing area leapfrog the dirty fuels of the past to instead embrace the renewable energy of the future. Subscribe to TDC: Video based on this article in Nature: Video by Bryce Plank and Robin West Music: “Disturbances” by Matt Stewart-Evans: “Ambitions” by Glimpse: Script: The total population of Africa is projected to roughly quadruple to about four billion by 2100, driving the total global population past 11 billion. Producing all the energy that all these people will use could obliterate any efforts we’re [More]
With fossil fuels polluting the earth’s atmosphere and being in finite supply, technological advances in renewable energy such as solar, hydropower and wind are becoming more essential for our future. Batteries are at the core of making renewables power possible. Our guest today is Duwayno Robertson. He’s an expert on batteries for future-forward automobiles and renewable energy systems. Duwayno was a Fisker Automotive lead engineer overseeing everything that interacted with the battery, helping to create the ahead-of-it’s-time Fisker Karma eco-luxury automobile with its solar paneled roof and groundbreaking hybrid engine. Since then he’s worked at two leading renewable-energy companies: Aquion [More]
Renewable energy is a nice fad and all, but it’s way too expensive. What about poor people? Find out in this all new episode of Global Weirding. Global Weirding is produced by KTTZ Texas Tech Public Media and distributed by PBS Digital Studios. New episodes every other Wednesday at 10 am central. Brought to you in part by: Bob and Linda Herscher, Freese and Nichols, Inc, and the Texas Tech Climate Science Center. Be sure to subscribe!
A look at the future obstacles to a zero carbon emission world.
Mongolia is feeling the effects of climate change more than most countries, with temperatures rising at twice the rate of the global average. The country’s first commercial solar plant is now supplying the central electricity grid. Funded by Japan, part of a bilateral emissions reduction programme, it is seen as a big boost to Mongolia’s renewable-energy sector. That is caused a shift from coal to renewables, changing the lives of many nomadic families. Al Jazeera’s Pearly Jacob reports from Salkhit, Mongolia. – Subscribe to our channel: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – [More]
Amar Bhattacharya, senior fellow in Global Economy and Development at Brookings, comments on the emissions levels seen in China and in India—in both cases, they are less per capita than U.S. emissions, and both countries are investing in renewable energy. The future of the Paris Agreement and global climate change cooperation without U.S. leadership On June 6, the Cross-Brookings Initiative on Energy and Climate hosted a conversation on what President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement means going forward. Subscribe! Follow Brookings on social media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:
Nearly 90% of new power in Europe was from renewable sources in 2016. Source: The Guardian By 2016, renewable capacity in place was enough to supply over 23% of global electricity. Source: Ren21 Global capacity of glazed and unglazed solar thermal collectors rose by over 6% in 2015. Source: Ren21 About 70 countries worldwide had off-grid solar PV capacity installed or had supporting programmes in place by 2016. Source: Ren21 Global new investment in renewable power and fuels climbed to a record $285.9 billion in 2015. Source: Ren21 By 2016, top countries for renewable electric capacity were China, USA, Brazil, [More]
Nuclear energy is a cheap and relatively clean source of energy for the planet, but lately it has been mired in controversy. Solar energy is often brought up as alternative resource, but is it really better than nuclear energy? Which is better for the planet? Let’s find out in this battle of Nuclear Energy vs Solar Energy! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL —► Patreon……….► Facebook…….► Twitter…………► Subreddit…….► ————————————————————————– Sources for this video: Our channel —► Videos made by us and others —► Help us caption & translate this video!
“This earth belongs to all of us.” Subscribe to our channel! Activist Debbie Dooley has some choice words for individuals who believe that fossil fuels have no impact on the environment. “If you think fossil fuel is not damaging the environment,” she says, “pull your car in a garage, start up your engine, and inhale the exhaust fumes for a few minutes and see what happens.” You could be forgiven for suspecting that Dooley might be a Democrat. According to a Gallup poll conducted last year, 85 percent of Democrats believe humans are contributing to increases in global temperature. [More]
Tesla Has been changing the World, but Solar Energy has not been as big as the electric cars or space exploration companies Elon Musk has made. Teska Energy is going to improve solar energy and make solar cool, with new solar roofing technology that will even be incorporated into the new model 3 Check Out My New Vlogging Channel! Sources Solar roof Clear solar panels Drinking Water Solar Cars Space Solar What is a Dyson sphere? Solar System Solar Cars All images not attributed contain CC0 license Images and videos [More]