Small wind turbine brake & disconnect design, original PDR 2013

Offering & rambling off my original designs. Parts used are – BEST 3 phase Switch Avoid ORANGE & GREEN switches. Best available 100 watt 3~5 ohm resistors AMICO – FULL READ BELOW!

*CAUTION* – None of this design which uses real wind turbines like mine is safe to use with Fee Fi Fo Feedumb PMG Anti American made in VIETNAM products sold or shipped from Texas or Missouri without immediate risk of property damage, sexual assault, herpes, chronic breathing problems, erectile dysfunction, racist rants, symptoms of being robbed, skyrattler induced deafness and unexplainable lusting after sheep.

**You can use any multiples of switch thats rated over 35 amps to control the full braking and tempered braking up to 800 watts REAL actual producing 25 mph rated power. (real watts are the result of actual REAL CONSISTENT WATTS and are not to be confused with any advertised to sell junk fake watts)

***Resistive load run and resistive tempered braking termed here is a in action, original 2013 Poky DoRight design, Idaho USA

GOOD NEWS ~No crows, pigeons, hawks, doves, bloody blokesters, artificial ingredients, Missouri prostitutes, Crayons, or McCune Monsters were injured in the making of this video~

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