Discover tips and advice for Organic Farming Techniques and Methods Documentary In relation to the Biodynamic method. Following on, A Actual farmer shares his practical experience in a 4 part series. Hope You find it helpful to You and enjoy watching this video compilation. Warmly Invite You to subscribe to my Video Channel: Video Credits to owners who generously contributed knowledge and experience to the community. 1. Biodynamic method Emerson College UK 2. Practical Sharing Part 1 and Part 2 Knowpod videos Video is licensed by: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication Joyfully Inviting [More]
As populations have grown, farming practices have become more intensified to maximise crop yields and ensure we can feed the ever growing population. Fertilisers and pesticides are used on crops, and animals may be kept inside in more densely packed sheds to maximise milk yields, or egg production, or speed up the time needed for the animal to be ready to be sent to market for meat. An alternative to conventional farming is organic farming. Organic farming currently accounts for about 1% of agricultural land worldwide. It focuses on sustainability and is thought to have less detrimental effects on the [More]
Non-renewable and renewable energy oftentimes criss-cross one another, and they’re set to do so again in an unlikely place in Harlan County. EKB News Reporter Chris Anderson has the details.
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A group of researchers at the University of Newcastle in Australia have pioneered a game-changing conductive ink that can be used to create paper-thin solar panels. The panels can be printed using standard printers and have a very low cost of production. They are currently in their final testing stage. READ MORE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:
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The Energy Industry and Government Support, Kennedy Energy Project in Australia, Renewable Energy Production on Track to Exceed Coal
Imagine the tension in the control room as the world’s longest wind turbine blade faced its first static test – pulled with the weight of approximately 16 African elephants. Watch this amazing look behind the scenes as LM Wind Power engineers test the LM 88.4 P, to prove it can withstand 25 years of operation offshore. Learn more about this massive blade at
Organic garden summer harvest! This is why we gardeners do it – so we can step outside our back door, pick fresh, tasty, organic vegetables and fruits, bring it inside to prepare a meal for those we love the most! Supplies used for this project: (affiliate links – I make a small commission when you order through these links and its helps me keep the garden content coming!) 1. Smart Pots Containers – 2. DIY tomato cages: 3. Seeds and organic fertilizer – 10% discount:, or -$10 Garden Seed Kit -Grey Zucchini -Black Beauty Zucchini 4. [More]