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Amidst all of the Brexit backlash, terrorist attacks, and the deaths of Sirs John Hurt and Roger Moore, there was one shining beacon of hope in the UK: the environment. The BBC reported that the UK achieved its “greenest year for electricity ever.” Because of growing interest in renewable energy sources Britain broke 13 clean energy records in 2017. In April, the country had its first 24-hour period free from coal power since 1840, that is, since the Industrial Revolution. The streak continued two months later/ Wind, nuclear, and solar power generated more UK power than gas and coal combined. [More]
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The bloke solar and wind live view of my wind power meter and wind turbines. Currently Running Gigu 900 watt & Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom wind turbine going to the watt meter. Left turbine on left meter right turbine on right meter. I Don’t mean to spam people’s sub feed with this Just every time the internet drop’s and reconnect’s it repost the live feed. Instead of watching when there is no wind go here and see my local wind speed’s. Thanks to all that have viewed the cam and giving it a thumbs up. This will be [More]
The US state of Vermont, sees itself as a model for both America and the world where a city’s move from fossil fuels to renewable energy is paying big dividends. Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports from Burlington, Vermont. – Subscribe to our channel: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – Check our website:
Over 2,000 years ago, Chinese and Persian engineers independently developed the first windmills, to pump water for irrigating crops. Windmills first appeared in Europe during medieval times, when they were used for agricultural and industrial purposes. Modern wind turbines consist of three parts – rotor blades, nacelle, and tower. The blades convert wind energy into mechanical energy. The nacelle houses the inner workings of the wind turbine that are responsible for electrical power generation. The tower supports the structure of the wind turbine and lifts the rotor blades high above the ground into stronger, more continuous winds. The video is [More]
At the Southern Nevada Water Authority, we’re breathing new life into our energy portfolio and have committed to meeting 25 percent of our energy needs through renewable resources by 2025.
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In the quest to go green, Scotland is way ahead of the rest of the UK, with nearly all electricity produced by wind power. In October, 98% of Scotland’s electricity was produced by wind turbines, with the devolved government on track to produce all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. But what is it about Scotland that makes it so much more successful at being green than the rest of the UK? Read more: • Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: • Get breaking news and more stories at Follow ITV News on Facebook: [More]
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