New York State released a well polished master plan for their sprouting offshore wind energy sector today. The proposal details how the budding renewable farms will create jobs for over 5000 people as over $6 billion dollars are invested in the system by 2028. The offshore plants will also provide benefits to the health of the public, with health benefits from reduced emissions ballparked at over $400 million.
Source solar panel: Generates drinking water instead of electricity. The shortage of potable water is today one of the most important problems on our planet, which affects mainly to remote areas and developing countries, which in turn causes bad conditions of hygiene and health, as well as a Significant impact on the quality of life of people. Source is a solar panel created by startup Zero Mass Water that aims to extract moisture from the air to condense it to provide drinking water. Cody Friesen, an engineering professor at Arizona State University, is the head of Zero Mass Water and [More]
Today I wrap up my renewable energy series with a look at solar vs wind energy. Support me on Patreon! Follow me at all my places! Instagram: Snapchat: Facebook: Twitter: LINKS LINKS LINKS: TRANSCRIPT: Legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens called the US the Saudi Arabia of wind and when you see maps like this, you understand why. As the Earth spins toward the west, it slides underneath the air in the atmosphere, giving it from our perspective a generally eastward direction. That easterly wind sweeps over the [More]
With fossil fuels polluting the earth’s atmosphere and being in finite supply, technological advances in renewable energy such as solar, hydropower and wind are becoming more essential for our future. Batteries are at the core of making renewables power possible. Our guest today is Duwayno Robertson. He’s an expert on batteries for future-forward automobiles and renewable energy systems. Duwayno was a Fisker Automotive lead engineer overseeing everything that interacted with the battery, helping to create the ahead-of-it’s-time Fisker Karma eco-luxury automobile with its solar paneled roof and groundbreaking hybrid engine. Since then he’s worked at two leading renewable-energy companies: Aquion [More]
Brooklyn Park’s ambitious solar energy plan is underway. The city is installing panels in selected buildings, making it the largest solar project ever conducted by a Minnesota city. “Our solar journey has been over a year in the making,” said Dan Ruiz, Brooklyn Park’s director of operations and maintenance. “Multiple meetings with the council. Public meetings for our residents to see what we’re looking at. It culminated just this fall.” Cedar Creek Energy is installing the solar panels, which are designed to work in any kind of weather conditions. “Think of a solar powered calculator, Ruiz said. “They still work [More]
Did you know that a growing number of American cities are powered by 100 percent renewable energy? This video (part of a new series in partnership with Years of Living Dangerously) shows that the country is becoming greener, cleaner, and more sustainable.
This 1980 US Department of Energy documentary looks at the history and uses of wind power, used for centuries by humans to move boats, pump water and grind grain including discussions on efficiency. more at The evolution of the NASA wind program is traced from 1973 to 1980. Wind turbines for producing energy are discussed extensively. This is part of the. more at Solar Energy Research Institute. This program looks at the history and uses of wind power, used for centuries by humans to move boats, pump water.
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From oil to solar energy: Saudi Arabia plots a shift to renewables From oil to solar energy: Saudi Arabia plots a shift to renewables From oil to solar energy: Saudi Arabia plots a shift to renewables Subscribe my channel:
DIY Wind Turbine | How to Make Tutorial | Homemade Wind Turbine | Project Guide for Kids I have been thinking to make wind turbine (a large horizontal axis one) since I first published a small wind turbine video on youtube and a blog post here a few years back. That video went viral. Then I decided to make one large functional wind turbine. The former didn’t give me even 1.5 volts. I know building a medium sized wind turbine will take a lot of time to complete. But, It didn’t, I’ve Just finished a medium sized wind turbine with [More]