Live Wind Turbines On Camera & Power Production

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The bloke solar and wind live view of my wind power meter and wind turbines. Currently Running Gigu 900 watt & Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom wind turbine going to the watt meter. Left turbine on left meter right turbine on right meter.

I Don’t mean to spam people’s sub feed with this Just every time the internet drop’s and reconnect’s it repost the live feed.

Instead of watching when there is no wind go here and see my local wind speed’s.

Thanks to all that have viewed the cam and giving it a thumbs up.

This will be running 24/7 unless my kids or wife unplug the modem by mistake.

The Bloke Solar & Wind Live Wind Turbines On Camera & Power Production.

I Own 2 Thermodyne turbines 3 Missouri Wind and Solar turbines 3 Gigu Turbines and one 300 watt cheap ebay turbine.


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