LikhAs Renewable Energy Research & Development Complex

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Project: LikhAs: Renewable Energy Research and Development Complex

School: Design 10 Architectural Thesis Proposal for National University-Manila College of Architecture

Designer: Ian Espadero Hibe

Site: Brgy. Turbina Calamba Laguna Philippines


The LikhAs Facility Complex is designed with a purpose of studying new renewable energy resources and identifies feasible areas here in the Philippines where the renewable energy technologies could effectively be utilized. Developed new experiments and technologies and applying a research to solve the problems relative to energy, economical and environmental problems and promote the use of renewable energy by giving seminars, hands on training and tours on different renewable energy facilities that would be located around the site.


One of the best known characteristics of all Renewable Energy is its ability to renew its self in a short period of time. It is infinite because of its cycle. Its ability to renew itself makes it Infinite because of a fast and continues Cycle. By using its main characteristics, the concept of Infinite Cycle is derived. The name

―Infinitus Cyclus‖ are Latin words means Infinite (Infinitus) and Cycle (Cyclus).The proposed will be formed in an Infinity symbol and Cycle symbol to represent the Renewable Energy‘s character which is Infinite because of continues cycle.

Building Features:

-Rain Water Harvesting

-Sky Garden

-Sun Shading

-High Performance Glazing

-Bicycle Friendly

-Hybrid Car Parking

-Proper Orientation

-Natural Lighting

-Passive Cooling

-Energy Plus Complex (100% Renewable Energy)

-Use of New Clean and Green Technologies

Design Philosophy:

“Sustainable Environment Unlocks Knowledge for Development”

This Thesis Proposal Won 2nd Place in The Best Thesis Awards of 2017 in the National University College of Architecture Thesis Deliberation Works SY 2016-2017


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