How To Make Organic Soap

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Becky’s Easy Soap Recipes

You want to make your own soap at home. You’re tired of the harsh chemical perfume soaps that are just murder on your skin, and you know all those chemicals are bad for your health. You want to make little doable changes that lead to a healthy lifestyle. And this is one of them, you can make your own soap, it’s very doable.

I’ve made a recipe book that’s really really simple recipes that any beginner can do. I’m not a beginner and I love these recipes, and these are the recipes I use, because they’re awesome. Why search for more and be complicated, it’s doable and it’s healthy, that’s all I’m looking for.

In this video I’m going to make one of the recipes in my book. Organic coconut & olive oil soap, with rosemary. You’ll be able to follow along and make this yourself at home.

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