How Do Wind Turbines Work? [Basic Video]

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This video gives a brief overview of how a wind turbine works. If you want more information, check out the advanced video.

The video includes a look at all the main parts, these include:


Rotor Hub






Main Bearing


Electrical Transformer

Open Air Switchyard

National Grid – Represented by Pylons-

The model uses a gearbox although strictly speaking you do not always need a gearbox, the turbine can be direct driven.

The video is basic and does not talk about Betz’s law, airfoils or angle of attack etc. Switchgear is not included in the electrical distribution system although it would be present.

For the really keen eyes out there…

You will notice that the electrical transformer in the open air switchyard is hermetic, but it should be a conservator type. The pylon is also for high voltages i.e. greater than 250,000 V, whereas a pylon rated for about 110,000 V would be more appropriate for this type of installation.

The 3D models in the video can be found at or

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