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Here is a video to explain how you can pull electrical power from the pulsars platinum fusion core using the photoelectric effect with small solar panels.The stars energy field is throwing off electromagnetic waves in every direction at a enormous rate and the solar panels collect the photons and convert them into electrons for electrical power. This solar nuclear pulsar power plant provides useful amounts of light, heat ,electricity ,hho gas and water filtration for clean drinking water and the only byproduct of operation is clean water. While you are reverse global warming and pollution simultaneously. This electrical generator has no moving or replaceable parts it has no bearings no drive shaft to wear out and no contact brushes or magnets and the device will work underwater in the ocean outside in the rain and in space . This is the worlds first pulsar portable clean nuclear power plant that bypasses all chemical ,radioactive ,neutron and fossil fuel interaction for real true clean power from the sun and water and the only byproduct of operation is clean water every time its turned on.Once the platinum is superheated into a subcritical state by the 5100 degree flame the fusion process begins and the platinum atoms electrons gain inertia to a higher orbital state and oscillate to release electromagnetic waves of energy as photons to be collected by the photoelectric effect using the solar panels.The fusion reaction is self sustaining once it begins and you can use less hho gas to produce the star with the same intensity. To increase electrical power output you can increase the light intensity by adding more hho gas. When I took it to the safe clean energy conference in palm beach people actually laughed at me because they thought I was there to set up a gumball machine in the lobby of the hotel at first!!! Once inside the conference I plugged the pulsar in and turned it on and showed them how the technology worked they were stunned and I think one guy that worked for clean energy oil companies almost fainted when he saw what I could do.Some other guy had a fusor reactor there and he could not even produce a single light bulb or charge a cell phone using thousands of watts of power and his 5,000 $$ machine what a joke!!!And the oil companies had pictures of birds and fish talking about clean oil and the future it was crazy so I spoke out about hho gas and they thought I was a madman and a lunatic a few people walked out on my speech saying it was impossible!!!!Any ways enjoy the pulsar youtube the worlds not ready for it yet lol!!!


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