Grid Tie power from Thermodyne Ultra Core wind turbine 12v model

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Thermodyne Ultra Core has been rocking all day for the last two days loving the added power after dark

In this Video I will show you what I am doing and it is meant for me only, do so at your own risk or reward enjoy.

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Do not use any part of this video without my written permission.

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Below is a list of a lot of what I use for the Power Shelves


Here are my discharges I use now 10 of theses soon to be 20


Resistor for above charger


Also 5 of the following they charge and discharge


I have 30 of theses chargers

I have 36 of theses chargers


single 18650 battery holders

The 7S BMS I use

The 18650 batteries I use

The plastic 4 x 5 18650 holders


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